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As Founder of The Drawing Galaxy, I investigate the methodologies of contemporary abstract drawing. Every year I curate an exhibition of abstract drawings from artists whose work is dependent on the vast and complex terrain of the language of Abstraction. I have authored articles on Abstraction and Drawing. These writings discuss the concerns of abstraction and its attendant complexities. I teach Abstraction and Drawing: Interpretation and Form at The Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, New York. In teaching and in making my own drawings, I cultivate the perceptual degree or specificity of abstraction which is obtained from the nature of the individual artist, one mark at a time.

Roll Online
For the Summer 2013 issue, Roll Online published my essay entitled "The Drawing Galaxy".
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. The following is an excerpt:

Exploring the World, Nanette Shapiro

I have always loved drawings. Abstract drawings, especially. Consider that abstract drawings are analogous to prospecting for surprises. What could be more irresistible? As one who draws abstract forms, I like the directness and intrigue that beckons the moment hand and tool touch the surface. It is certainly an intrepid traipsing through the vault of formal abstract language.

Aside from exemplifying what is possible, drawing is fun. From the delight of the doodle to the mighty power of line to densities of pigment, the endeavor of drawing is a response to compositional contingencies in fluidity and flexibility. That one can court the interchangeability of form and void with the optical characteristics of material is a challenging negotiation. Take marks for starters. From delicate, velvety wisps to raspy mottled and modulated striations to precise mathematical linearity, marks catalogue an evolving dimensionality in the rendering of space. Whether visually separating one discrete form from another or layering on heaps of pattern, a drawing can be repurposed and reformed to introduce divergent scale shifts. Careful looking animates new stories of saturation and legibility. A single object, minute or large amidst emptiness and fullness is but one eccentric recurring theme of drawing. I am all for exploration. No risk, no fun.

Drawing for me is a sort of kerfuffle and one in which the physicality of excavation begins at the threshold of thinking and drawing blind. Then follows looking, then choosing what shapes to re-​​arrange in order to create tension or how to lose it. Here it is, a reaching in, to that strange, electric encounter between hand and object. There are no rules or regulations. This is the alchemy of interrelation that has yet to be articulated. Read More...
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Art Times Journal
On April 1st, 2013, my essay entitled "The Drawing Galaxy" was published by Art Times Journal: A Literary Journal and Resource for the Fine and Performing Arts, Mt. Marion, New York.

Meredith Rosier presents The Drawing Galaxy
I am curator of the Second Annual exhibition entitled "The Drawing Galaxy", Abstract Drawings at Backstage Studio Productions, Kingston, New York. Exhibition Dates July 1-30, 2013

Meredith Rosier presents The Drawing Galaxy
I was Curator of this exhibition with 64 Abstract Drawings under 1 Roof. July 14 – August 5th, 2012. The Doghouse Gallery, Saugerties, New York. Visit a review from The Woodstock Times on their website. The article is entitled "Rosier’s Abstractions", July 12, 2012. Page 12.

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